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Help & Support - Jaad Car


Rent and fare calculation

How is my rental fare calculated? 
Answer:  Your total rental fare is calculated established on the data provided at time of reservation. Your per-day rate can vary depending on your rental location and number of the day 

How to get the weakly special rate? 

To get the special weakly rate, you must book for six to seven consecutive days. Weekly car rentals usually offer substantial discounts over our 5-day maximum daily rates. But for more special rate please contact us via email, Facebook or phone call.

How to get the price for longer than a week?

When you rent for more than a week, your rate is usually calculated as a discounted offers. But we always prefer you, if you have a reservation for a month or more please contact us to have the very special price.
Your quoted total rate includes the car rate, taxes and fees based on the car rate plus any options you select during the reservation process. Taxes and fees for any options you select are not included in your online total but will be added at the counter. Our helpful counter agents will review all charges with you to ensure that your total charges meet with your approval when you pick up your car.

Is it cheaper to rent on a certain day of the week or time of the month? 

Answer:   Generally speaking, rate mostly depend on the demand of the market. Travellers can have better price on weekends when the demand for some car types isn’t as high. Also, the longer you rent the car, the better per-day price you’ll get. Time of month really doesn’t matter, but demand increases during holiday periods – so always try to reserve early.

Do you rent cars by the hour? 

Answer:  All rates for rent a car are based on a rental period with a minimum of 24 consecutive hours. If you return the vehicle within 24 hours after pick-up, you will still be charged for the full day.

What rate will I pay if I choose to return my rental earlier than I originally scheduled? 

Answer:  Total pricing is depend on your confirmed length of rental. Our prices vary, depending on booking period. So, if you return your car earlier or later than your selected return date, it could affect your price in either direction. Typically, the longer your rental period, the more you save on your per-day rate. Therefore, if your original confirmed rate was for a seven-day rental and you decide to return the car after just three days, your per-day price will increase, which could increase your overall rental fee as well. For a such a case please contact with our customer care 

May I prepay my rental? 

Answer:  Yes with a credit or debit card.  If you would like to pay us through bank transfer you may manually write us an email so we will send you the invoice..

Do you lease vehicles? 

Answer:  We offer a long-term rental option for customers who need a vehicle for an extended period of time. A long-term rental constitutes a minimum of 30 consecutive days to a maximum of 330 consecutive days. The longer the rental, the greater the daily savings. Reserve today!

Fees and Taxes

Do late-return fees apply? 

Answer:  Our rental period is normally 24hours. There is a 1 hour grace period for returns. After 1 hour late, hourly car rate charges and taxes may apply. After 3 hours late, full-day late charges and taxes may apply. 

Does the cost of the rental include the fuel? 

Answer:   Rates do not include the cost of fuel but we do offer four simple, convenient and affordable re-fuelling options.
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Why do you charge so much per gallon to refuel the car? 

Answer:  If you choose our Refuelling Service and not one of our fuel service options. You have to pay 10% extra on top of the refuelling.

Why am I being billed for fees and surcharges? 

Answer:  Most fees and surcharges are mandated for all rental car companies by the local municipality or state/federal authorities. However, Taxes, fees and other charges always vary by location. A breakdown of all fees and surcharges is listed in step 3 of the online reservation process.

Deals, Discounts and Rewards

I responded to an advertised offer but the car wasn’t available. So, why did you offer the special rate? 

Answer:  Every location has a limited inventory of each type of vehicles. Some vehicles and locations are more popular than others and they sell out rapidly – especially when there are low rates on a busy rental date. Try another pick-up time if your travel dates are flexible. Then when you see the car you want at a great rate, your best gamble is to reserve it immediately before someone else does.

How can I get the very best car rental deals? 

Answer:  You’ve come to the right place. Start by searching here. The more flexibility you have in your rental dates, the more you can save. Longer you will reserve the better price you will have.

Can I save money by pre-paying my rental? 

Answer:  Now, more than ever, travellers are looking to save on their car rental expenses. It is always better to book earlier so you will definitely have a cheaper price. But we always prefer you to write us an email for advance reservation.

Do you offer special insurance replacement rates while the car I own is being serviced? 

Answer:  Yes, we have several options for the insurance. If you pay for the full coverage insurance, all the expanses for any sort of damage will be covered. But if your insurance is third party then you have to pay certain amount which is already set by the company based on your vehicle category. For more about insurance please call us or write an email.

Do you offer airline, hotel or other travel discounts? 

Answer:  No currently we do not offer any service for the hotel or airlines. 

Cars availability

What types of vehicles do you offer? 

Answer:  Our standard fleet features are Mercedes, BMW, Range rover and also other exotic vehicles like Ferrari, Lamborghini and so on.

Can I reserve a specific make/model car? 

Answer:  Yes we always offer the specific model of the vehicles. Please to make sure about your vehicle let us know in advance.

Does Jaadcar have 4-wheel drive vehicles? 

Answer:  Our wide fleet includes mid-size to large SUVs, many of which offer 4WD. Do you 

Do you offer hybrid and low-emission vehicles? 

Answer:  No currently we do not offer but we have a plan to include them on our fleet. 
Is smoking permitted in rental cars? 

Answer:  Normally we do not accept smoking in the car but renter might have an advance permission for that.

Can I change where I return a vehicle after I've picked it up? 

Answer:  Yes, but you’ll need to let us know in advance. But special charge may have apply.

May I extend my rental beyond the original return date? 

Answer:  Yes, but if you wish to extend any rental Also, if you choose not to return the car on or before your originally scheduled return date, we will place an additional hold on your debit or credit card to cover any additional expected rental charges. 

May I return the car to a Budget location if it’s temporarily closed? 

Answer:  Renters must return the vehicle to Budget on the due date and at the time and location specified by you when you booked the reservation. If you return it earlier or later, a different or higher rate may apply and, if returned later, you may be charged a late return fee. You may not return the car at a time when we are closed, unless you have made advance arrangements to deposit your keys in an official and secure key drop box. If you drop off a car to a closed location without making official arrangements, your responsibility for damage to or loss of the car will continue – and all charges stated on the rental document as a periodic rate will continue to accrue until the return location reopens and we retake physical possession of the car. If we do not find the car when that location reopens, your responsibility for all charges and for damage to or loss of the car will continue until the car is actually returned or recovered and possession is returned to us. 

Do you permit pets in the rental car? 

Answer:  Housebroken pets are invited to travel in your rental car, just as they do in your personal car. Although Jaadcar doesn't assess an extra fee for pets, pet owners will incur an additional charge for any damage caused by animals, or any special cleaning required as a result of shedding or accidents.

What is your car rental policy for disabled renters who travel with service animals? 

Answer:  Jaadcar is devoted to providing clean cars to every customer. When a vehicle is returned extremely dirty, it is our rule to charge the renter a cleaning fee.
In some cases, our customers are disabled and require service animals. Budget embraces and supports our disabled customers, and generally we will waive the cleaning fee when the excessive dirt is primarily animal hair. If, however, the vehicle is returned with more than a tolerable amount of animal hair or other types of soil, the manager at the location may elect to impose a cleaning fee. In such cases, the location will take photographs of the excessive dirt to support the extra cleaning charge.
Operational Issues: Accidents/Damage, Roadside Assistance, Traffic Violations and safety recalls 

Accidents/Damage, Roadside Assistance

Will my own insurance cover the damage to a Jaadcar’s car? 

Answer:  Please make sure with your personal auto insurance company to confirm whether your policy will cover any or all damage to the car. In addition, you may have coverage available to you through your credit card company. You should contact your insurance company and/or credit card Company to confirm what coverage, if any, is available for rental cars before renting any vehicle. Only then will you be able to make an informed decision whether to accept our optional full coverage protection.

What should I do if I have problems with my car? Do you offer roadside assistance? 

Answer:  Before you start driving, take a few moments to familiarize yourself with the vehicle's equipment and operation, including heat and A/C, radio, lights, windshield wipers, spare tire, seat belts and door locks, and gas tank access. Getting distracted trying to figure out those things while driving can be dangerous. Don’t wait until the fuel warning light goes on to think about buying gas, especially if you don’t know how far it is between gas stations. If, in the unlikely event that an emergency light illuminates on your control panel, don’t ignore it. Use good judgment about whether you can get back to our location safely and don’t hesitate to call our toll-free 24-hour roadside assistance in the EU Tel:+436764405335
If, in the unlikely event that your car malfunctions on a major thoroughfare, lock the doors, turn on the hazard lights and, if you have a cell phone, call the If you happen to lock your keys out of the vehicle, lose your keys or run out of gas, you may be assessed a service charge depending on the nature of the incident. You also are responsible for any and all loss of or damage to the rental vehicle resulting from causes including but not limited to collision, rollover, vandalism, theft, seizure, flood, fire, hail or other acts of nature. Please phone 24-hour roadside assistance at: +436764405335 as necessary.
If you run out of fuel, you will be responsible for the delivery of fuel to your location as well as the cost of the fuel.

What should I do if I'm involved in an accident or the car is damaged during my rental? 

Answer:  Auto accidents are not something we like to think about, especially on a business trip or vacation, but they can and do happen, even to the most careful drivers. When an accident occurs, first ensure that you are in a safe area away from traffic. Next, contact local police (usually available by dialling 112) and complete an accident report
If you purchased Jaadcar full insurance with your rental, your claims process is now complete. Full coverage is an optional service which, if accepted, eliminates your financial liability.
What if I am not at fault for the accident/damage? 

Answer:  Ensure that you get the other party's contact information so we may pursue them and/or their insurance company on your behalf for damages. Please note that our pursuit of the other party does not absolve you from your contractual obligation to pay for the damage.
How can I obtain a Jaadcar Accident/Incident Report Form? 
Answer:  At the time of rental, the counter agent gave you a rental agreement and, in the jacket of your agreement, you will find an accident/incident report form; or you can download the form here. Please maintain a copy of your completed Accident/Incident Report for future reference.

Who is responsible for parking, tolls and moving traffic violations? 

 You are responsible for payment of any parking, toll and moving traffic violations along with a reasonable administrative fee, so please drive safely and observe all ordinances. Payments for these violations may be processed by a designated agent for this purpose.
How do I contact your claims department? 

Answer:  Please contact with our roadside assistance +436764405335

What happens if I have a car out on rent that gets recalled? 

Answer: At Jaadcar,the safety of our customers and employees is of ultimate concern. Our policies and procedures regarding the handling of vehicles that are the subject of a manufacturer’s recall notice is a prime example of how we put our customers’ safety first.
Periodically, automobile manufacturers provide notices of issues relating to their vehicles. These notices range from minor issues to recall notices relating to vehicles that may pose a risk to the safety of the driver, passengers and the general public.
In addition, when our vehicles become subject to a safety recall, we use a third-party vendor that automatically calls customers within 24 hours when we have confirmed that the vehicle they have out on rent has been recalled. This process is used to contact all customers who have provided a telephone number and/or email address during the reservation or check-in process through which the customer can be reached. Each customer who has rented a vehicle that is subsequently subject to a recall will receive a message providing specific instructions as to how, where and when the vehicle may be returned for an exchange. If no valid telephone number has been provided, a written notice will be sent to the renter’s residential address. 


Where are your locations? 

Answer:  Jaadcar has many locations across Europe, so it's easy to find a quality rental car in your area.

How do I determine the business hours of a particular location? 

Answer:  Simply you can write us an email or call to get vehicle. We are working 24/7.

Can I pick up at one location and return at another? 

Answer:  Yes – and you won't believe how easy we make it. NOTE: If you choose to return the rental car to a different location than the one on your reservation, please contact our customer reservation agent at +4368860079129 to determine whether any return restrictions apply. If you do not contact us before returning your car to an alternative location, you'll be charged a minimum amount  Unauthorized Return Location fee. This fee may be higher based on the distance between the renting location and the return location specified on your reservation. Additionally, a different or higher rate may apply.

Can I rent a car to take a driving test? 

Answer:  No. Due to potential liability, you must have a valid driver's license to operate a rental vehicle.

Can I take the vehicle out of the EU in which I'm renting? 

Answer:  On occasion, permission for border crossing must be acquired from the rental office directly. Since specific restrictions may apply, it's always best to ask about any cross-border restrictions. Inquire either at the rental counter or, simply contact us.

May I use a Jaadcar’s  car to tow? 

Answer:  No. Towing is never permitted. Doing so could irreparably damage the rental vehicle.

What happens if my late-night flight is delayed and the Jaadcar rental counter is closed by the time I arrive? Answer:  We are always concern about our client’s reservation that onwards, so one of our representative will be on the given location. For any assistance you may contact us 24/7 


May I prepay my rental? 
Answer:  Absolutely. You can prepay.
Can I pay with cash? 
Answer:  Yes. You can pay during the pick up by cash or credit card. We also accept manually bank transfer which you have to write and confirm us in advance.

Which credit, charge and debit cards do you accept? 
Answer:  We are accepting almost all the major credit cards. As well as debit card and cash.
Can I use another person's credit card with their permission? 
Answer: Yes you may use it in certain conditions, please contact with our customer care.


Do you deliver vehicles? 
Answer:  Yes, it has an extra charge. Charge depend on the distance and location. 

Do you offer a pick-up service? 
Answer:  Yes, At many locations, we offers free pick-up service to those in need of local transportation to our rental facility. But in general there are some extra charges for the customize pick up location.

Insurance Coverages

What insurance do you offer while I'm renting? 
Answer:  Purchasing any one of our coverages that offers full coverage also we have half coverage with limited liabilities.

Do you offer protection if I run out of gas, get a flat tire or lock my keys in the car? 
Answer:  Mistakes happens, and they can be costly. We offer roadside assistance but in case of any emergency you should call first police:112 and also our emergency contact :+436764405335

Am I required to take the insurance? 
Answer:  No, but you are responsible for the vehicle in the event of damage. You should check with your respective insurance company to see if you have ample coverage while renting a vehicle. In the event you do not have proper coverage, Jaadcr sells a variety of protection coverages for your rental.

Does my own insurance protect me in the event of an accident? 
Answer:  Given the vast number of insurers and policies, it is extremely difficult for us to know which entitlements accompany your given policy.  We strongly recommend that you contact your insurance company to verify your coverages before renting a car.  In the event you do not have proper protection, Jaadcar sells a variety of protection coverages for your rental.

Should I purchase coverage for my Budget vehicle from a travel package Web site? 
Answer:  We prefer you to buy special coverage directly during the pick-up.

Extra Equipment Rental

Can I rent additional accessories? 
Answer:  Depending upon your rental location, there are many options and accessoriesavailable to help make your trip safer and more enjoyable. However, we don't offer trailers or luggage compartments/racks, and seats cannot be removed from a mini van or from any other vehicle. So, if you need more space, ask before you book.

Can you confirm availability of additional accessories? 
Answer:  All the necessary accessories you can find on the website. If you need additional information or any customize accessories please feel free to contact us. We have plenty of different variety of accessories for our clients.

May I leave my portable GPS or DVD system in my rental car? 
Answer:  You should always be cautious. It's best to take your portable GPS and other small electronics and accessories with you when leaving the car. If you cannot take them with you, store valuables in the glove compartment or trunk. Always double check to be sure the rental car is locked!

What's the difference between an infant seat, toddler safety seat, and child booster seat? 
Answer:   Jaadcar uses convertible child safety seats that serve as an infant (5-20 pounds) restraint in a rear-facing configuration or as a toddler (20-40 pounds) restraint in a forward-facing configuration. Please ask in advance.
What's the cost of a child safety seat? 
Answer:  Rates vary by location and renting period. Normally per day from 4euro to more but you may ask in advance to have them free with the long rental period.

Is my child safety seat guaranteed to be there at time of arrival? 
Answer: It’s depend on your reservation and request. Once you requested for that you will have it.

What's the cost of snow chains? 
Answer:  Snow chains are not offered or available as optional equipment because of the potential damage to the rental vehicle.  Many local restrictions also prohibit the use of snow chains. 

Disability Services 


How can I get a copy of my receipt or rental agreement from my recent rental? 
Answer:  There are three options for retrieving a copy of your car rental agreement/receipt:
1.   E-mail:
      Hours: 24 hours Mon-Sun
      Complete and submit our customer service e-mail form and request a copy of your
      car rental receipt or rental agreement to be faxed or e-mailed to you.
2.   Phone - Automated Voice Response System:
      Hours: 24 hours Mon-Sun

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